Founded in 2008, Archive for Research on Child Health (ARCH) is a program dedicated to advancing our knowledge on children’s health. We do this by collecting blood and urine samples from pregnancy that are normally discarded and analyzing them with the goal of understanding the roots of common childhood conditions. However, in order for ARCH to do this, we need YOUR help! If you are pregnant and over the age of 18, we at ARCH would love to speak with you about the possibility of joining our study. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to the understanding of childhood health by joining our study.

ARCH is a completely voluntary study, and has no additional risks beyond that of a woman’s regular pre-natal appointment. Women who participate in ARCH have no additional time commitments, because the specimens collected are those that are taken during regular doctor appointments. ARCH compensates participants with Meijer gift cards as our way of saying thank you for participating- ARCH would not be possible without you!

If you would like to hear more about the program, please feel free to call ARCH toll free at 1-866-925-8758, or submit the application below and we will contact you.

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